Turn to Metzger Insurance to Quote Cyber Insurance for Manufacturers

Turn to Big “I” Markets to Quote Cyber Insurance for Manufacturers


Cyber insurance for Manufacturers Coalition: State-of-the-art Cybersecurity & Best-in-class Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance for Manufacturers are one phishing, ransomware, or industrial control system (ICS) incident away from exposure. Coalition is the only cyber insurance provider to cover the unique exposures facing the manufacturing industry.

Offer the most innovative and comprehensive coverage available for manufacturers:

  • Property damage, bodily harm, and pollution resulting from a security failure
  • Supply chain interruption from cyber attacks that result in payments being misdirected
  • Technology disruption that affects operational and industrial controls, hardware, and software
  • Wire fraud losses from payment or delivery of money or securities
  • Costs to replace computer systems and industrial control systems

Coalition’s proactive cyber security platform saves your client time, money, and headaches. By offering a full suite of security apps including 24/7 security monitoring, automated threat and intelligence alerts, DDoS mitigation, security bench marking, ransomware protection, employee training, patch reminders, and more-included with each policy at no additional cost, Coalition helps manufacturers protect their network and their business.

When an incident happens, Coalition is the only insurance firm with a dedicated 24/7 incident response and claims team to help manufacturers quickly respond to an incident. Read more about how Coalition’s in-house Security Incident Response Team helped a manufacturer regain control of their systems and secure their network to help prevent another attack from occurring!

Ready to protect your manufacturer risks? Let us help with cyber insurance for Manufacturers.


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