Cannabis Insurance

Hemp and Marijuana are both a type of Cannabis plant. Our agency has cannabis insurance for everything cannabis related. We know operating a business in a rapidly evolving industry sector comes with unique operational structures and liabilities. If you are:

  • propagating clones
  • cultivating flower
  • processing
  • manufacturing
  • distributing
  • retailing cannabis products

Your business faces legal risks every day. it’s too much hard work and capital to run your cannabis business smoothly and not be insured.

Don’t Settle for a poor insurance program. We strongly encourage you to look for a agent who has a program tailored for your industry. Working with a partner that has experience placing cannabis companies and supporting claims ensures that they will be able to intelligently tailor an insurance program for your business.

Metzger Insurance has avenues to help protect your risk in the industry:

  • Marijuana Farm Insurance & Hemp Crop Insurance
  • Hemp Product Liability Insurance
  • Cannabis Cultivators,
  • Hemp Processors & Manufacturers
  • Cannabis & Hemp Testing Labs
  • Cannabis / Hemp / Marijuana Landlord Insurance
  • Delivery & Transportation of Cannabis Products
  • Marijuana Dispensary Insurance
  • Other Ancillary Businesses – Hydroponic Stores, Tobacco/Smoke Head Shops, Smoking Device Manufacturers, Medical Marijuana Physicians, Marijuana Conventions / Events & More.

Coverage you should consider:

  • Farm owners and crop insurance are both very important for cultivators.
  • Cannabis & Hemp General Liability
  • Cannabis & Hemp Products Liability
  • Hemp Stock
  • Cannabis Property/Crop
  • Hemp & Cannabis Property/Cash
  • Hemp & Cannabis Crime
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Hemp & Cannabis Auto Liability/Physical Damage
  • Hemp & Cannabis Cargo
  • Directors and Officers
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Employment Practices
  • Cyber Liability
  • Hemp & Cannabis Event Insurance

The cannabis industry is projected to grow at a very fast rate. As the industry grows and becomes more regulated, it will become increasingly more difficult for businesses to avoid risk exposure. A minor problem can result in an expensive lawsuit or result in a loss of your business license. The legal status of medical and recreational cannabis is in constant flux and varies wildly from state to state, creating a legal minefield that the right insurance coverage can help you traverse.